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State of California Health Facilities Consumer Information 

Health Facilities Search - This page gives you access to lists of all licensed health care facilities in California. You can filter by Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF), Intermediate Care Facilities (INF), Congregate Living Health Facilities (CCF) and several sub-specialties. The search can be refined by zip code and service type, but you will need to call to confirm availability and insurances accepted. 



Long-Term Care Participant Only - Customer Service - This links to the Long-Term Care contact page. If there's a chance you'll need to file a claim for long-term care, start the process as soon as possible because costs during the waiting period will be entirely out of your pocket. Call: (800) 982-1775.

When You Need a Plan Now

It can be an abrupt transition from the hospital to a care facility when there's been a medical emergency that's to be followed by an extended recovery phase. Hospital staff will stabilize the patient, but they could give you only 24 hours notice to find a rehabilitation facility or assisted living home, or to make plans for health care assistance in your home long-term.  

Finding a the right residential care may seem daunting, but realize that you are not alone in the decision.

Understand that the medical and social services teams are there to help and will be invaluable resources. Whether you are at UCSF Medical Center, a Kaiser Permanente hospital, one of the Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation campuses, or a VA Hospital ask for recommendations on rehabilitation facilities near your home that may already be in network with the hospital's doctors. Along the same lines, call your health insurance carrier and get their recommendations.  

The reality is you may need to make 4 to 6 calls to find a suitable elder care home with an opening when you need the placement. 

You will have to make a lot of seemingly big decisions in a very short period of time, but that what may seem like the biggest, where to get your loved one the best care possible in the short-term, isn't set in stone. 

In fact, your best choice may be to find a facility that offers respite care so you'll have time to evaluate the situation and your options. Depending on many factors you may have to evaluate long-term care facilities, adult family homes, in-home care providers or hospice or congregate living health options